sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Monozid - A splinter for the pure (2012)

MONOZID was formed in Leipzig in 2003. The music is a mix of postpunk with influences from noise-rock, 80s new wave, shoegaze and nowave. the band released 2 cd-eps, an album on cd/lp in 2009 and a split 7" with new york based postpunk-band BOOTBLACKS (ex-THE HOLY KISS) in 2010. In the last years the band played 10 tours through Europe and the USA organized in a d.i.y.-style and played more than 200 shows with bands such as: CUT CITY, FOR AGAINST, THE MEN, BELGRADO, LED ER EST, DON VITO, THE FEELING OF LOVE,  MT. SIMS, CHARLES DE GOAL, VELVET CONDOM and many others. the second lp "a splinter for the pure" was released in december 2012 on lp/cd through sm-musik/awake in the greylight (germany)/et mon cul c´est du tofu (france)/drink and be merry (russia).download.




  1. (glowing) big stars
  2. a room for the damned
  3. details (moving)
  4. in shades
  5. hello bomb
  6. a splinter for the pure
  7. the drowning
  8. rita, you know we are doomed
  9. dead end
  10. the desperate


Mellonta Tauta - Rainbow Melodies (2013)

Formado en Mar del Plata por Leticia Solari y Daniel Lopez Quiroga, Mellonta Tauta (nombrados asi posiblemnte por un cuento de Poe) representa todo un misterio en la escena musical argentina. Durante el año del 93 grabaron su unico y misterioso album: Sun Fell, bajo su propio sello El Kaburé Records (que también editó al proyecto EBM Cianurio Patrio, otros descastados). Su estilo musical, alejado de cualquier antecedente en la Argentina, encontraba sus máximas influencias en el sonido del sello 4AD. A los ambientes oscuros y ensoñados característicos de bandas como Cocteau Twins, los Mellonta Tauta le agregaban resonancias propias de su país (como en «Tanguito» o «Gauchos», palabras en idiomas indígenas,cantos de ballenas y mensajes ecologistas. «Sun Fell» constituye una obra única en el contexto local y que, lamentablemente, no tuvo continuidad. Mellonta Tauta desapareció de un modo tan sorpresivo como apareció. Nunca más se supo de ellos, aparte de numerosas apariciones en albumes recopilatorios de sellos europeos .
Quizás este final misterioso sea adecuado al ambiente que crearon con su música y colabore a elevar «Sun Fell» al status de disco de culto que bien se merece.

Mellonta Tauta appeared on the scene in 1994 with their Sun Fell album on the legendary Hyperium label (Germany's entry in the vein of 4AD). This Argentinian band has a sound compared to Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, etc, submerged in the realm of heavenly voices and neoclassical influences. Sun Fell - and the follow-up Fishes & Oceans ep - received very good reviews from the press and fans, then the band disappeared.

But the wait is over! Mellonta Tauta is reborn in 2013. Twenty years later, they return with the all new album Rainbow Melodies, a beautiful journey through lovely melodies: a pure experience full of energy and beauty with great arrangements in a variety of alternative pop styles, graced with beautiful female vocals. A highly anticipated return for the fans and anyone who loves sweet, engaging, catchy alternative-pop music.

Mellonta Tauta is:
Daniel López Quiroga: guitars, bass, all arrangements & production
Karina Altamiranda: voices & lyrics
Federico Aldaz: drums & soul
Special Guest: Gabriel Boccanfuso on bass.

  1. Love Is Happiness
  2. Twenty Years Later
  3. Sunset Breeze
  4. Raining House
  5. Travel To The End
  6. Live Here Forever
  7. Moonlight Melodies
  8. Paris Noir
  9. Half-Full Glass
  10. Rainbow Melodies
  11. Mistery Dream
  12. Pampa Soul
  13. Ice Star
  14. Sunrise Melodies

martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

In a Lonely Place - Diverse EP - 2013

Genre: post-punk
Country: Russia
Year: 2013
Audio codec: MP3
Riptype: tracks
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Playtime: 00:12:37
Size: 30 MB

Stay Outside
No Disappearing

jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Scofferlane - Announcement (2013)

«Sofferlane» formed in the summer of 2008, on the basis of cult underground garage band “The BOO”. Six months later they released their debut album, which caught the attention of French net label Zorch Factory Records. The label presented «Snippets» on their website. Then came the EP “whatever…” Shortly after the band was invited to perform at the Drop Dead Festival in Vilnus. In 2010 “Scofferlane” parted ways with their cellist and acquired a new drummer, adding a sax to the mix. Scofferlane’s third album “Veto” was released in 2011 and was distributed by the German net label AFmusic, receiving a significant number of positive reviews. Many were impressed by the range of sound on the album, and noted that the band had evolved. At the moment «Scofferlane» are recording their forth album which will be released in early 2013. Scofferlane» have been deemed one of the most intriguing and eccentric bands currently appearing on the Russian music scene, and are best known for their live performances. Their music combines raw sound with complex melodies, and comes together in a neat blend of diverse rock-and-roll trends, unusual and unique lyrics, with a touch of decadence glamor. The lead singer, alternating between hysteria, morbid sexuality and a slightly arrogant insanity, uses not only his exceptional voice, but his whole physic to express himself. Scofferlanes' style and performance, which is never something lighthearted and carefree, always leaves a lasting impression on the audience.





  1. Announcement
  2. Duties
  3. mr. Dwarf Man

The Dolly Rocker Movement - Your Side of Town 2013

The Dolly Rocker Movement es una banda neo-psicodélica con sede en Sydney , Australia . Formado en 2002 por el cantante y guitarrista Daniel Poulter, incluye a Poulter, Ricky Drabsch (bajo), Martin Walters (teclados) y Christopher Rudge (batería). El grupo ha lanzado tres álbumes de larga duración a través de sello discográfico independiente australiana Off the Hip .A finales de 2009, Poulter viajó a Los Angeles para iniciar la grabación del nuevo single y material de la banda con el productor Rob Campanella . Allí, la banda se reformó para incluir Poulter, Jimmy Sweet (anteriormente bajista de Hot Hot Heat ), Emily Stoia (teclados) y TJ McDonnell (batería).


  1. Your Side of Town
  2. Silently we Sung
  3. Girl Of The 13th Hour ( Bonus Track )